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Basic Flavor Guide for E-Liquid Selection

Basic Flavor Guide for E-Liquid Selection

Vaping is only enjoyable when both the equipment and flavor work in unison to deliver the desired experience. It is easy to settle for inexpensive equipment and low-grade e-liquids and save a couple of bucks, but is that budgeting any worth if you cannot achieve the vaping experience you’ve been longing for? The reason why many people settle for low-grade vape juice and equipment is due to their lack of information and resources. To help you with this situation, here is a basic flavor guide that you can follow to both save money and bad high-quality e-liquids. Read on.

Flavor is Personal

One thing to remember when it comes to e-liquids is that flavor is always personal. A flavor that you like may not be someone else’s preference and vice versa. Therefore, do not simply go with someone’s advice to try a flavor out. Get your hands on different flavors and figure out which one best suits your taste.


Know the Ingredients

E-liquids are not simple mixtures, the alchemy involved in making one of these amazing solutions include a few important ingredients including e-liquid base, nicotine concentration, and flavor. However, it all comes down to how you want your vape experience to be like. your preference for fluffier vapor clouds or strong nicotine concentration is going to determine your e-liquid choice. E-liquids come in two main bases, namely, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG), which deliver strong nicotine hits but mild vapor clouds and fluffier vapor clouds but light nicotine concentration respectively.

Flavor Categorization

Vaping enthusiasts know that e-liquid flavors can either make or break the game. While nicotine strength may be an important factor for someone that is quitting smoking, the flavor is also something that holds equal importance. If the flavor does not suit your taste, you may not enjoy the vape at all. To get a basic idea of e-liquid flavoring, here are three things you must remember:

  • Tobacco Flavored: certain e-liquids are great at replicating the flavor of tobacco and are perfect for someone that is transitioning from smokes to vape.
  • Single Flavored: Single flavored e-liquids are just as they sound. They come with a base flavor such as orange, bubblegum, watermelon, etc. These are perfect for someone who wants to start experimenting with e-liquid flavors.
  • Multiple Flavored: Multiple flavored e-liquids come in a combination of different flavors and can truly deliver an unmatched vaping experience. However, there are no guarantees whether multiple flavored e-liquids will suit your taste or not. Give it a try and figure out your preference.


Wrap Up

Vaping is an awesome experience if you are equipped with the right information, equipment, and e-liquids. If you are looking for an e-liquid shop that sells a variety of e-liquids, visit https://truevapeusa.com.  Order yours today!

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