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Get on my level! – A guide to choosing the ultimate nicotine level for you

choosing nicotine level guide


Vaping is a great alternative to smoking. However, making the switch isn’t always easy. Picking the perfect flavor is its own process entirely. But did you know that even then you still have to choose a nicotine level? That’s why we’ve constructed Get on my level! – A guide to choosing the ultimate nicotine level for you!

Most smokers don’t know exactly how much nicotine is in their cigarettes. In contrast, nicotine levels in e-liquid are a big deal. Let us walk you through the ins and outs of finding your perfect percentage! 

Nicotine level: The basics  

Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical that is harvested from plants. These plants belong to a family called nightshades. The most relevant member of the nightshade family is tobacco, but potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants are nightshades too! 


In 1828, Wilhelm Heinrich Posselt and Karl Ludwig Reinmann isolated nicotine from a tobacco plant for the first time in human history.  

Cigarette smokers know that smoking can cause harmful side effects. The thing about cigarettes is that there are many more players on the field than just nicotine. So, to pinpoint both negative and positive effects of nicotine, it must be studied on its own in an isolated form.  

What did we find? 

Well, there are pharmacologic and psychodynamic side effects of consuming nicotine.  

The pharmacologic effects of nicotine include an increase in both heart muscle oxygen consumption and an increase in heart rate.  

The psychodynamic effects of nicotine include sensations of relaxation, euphoria, and increased alertness.  

Nicotine and Addiction: find your level

Nicotine is understood to be an addictive chemical. The thing is, we are not actually sure how addictive. As previously noted, there are a plethora of additives and chemicals in cigarettes. So, while nicotine is generally thought to be the component of cigarette smoking that leads to addiction, this thought is incorrect.  

Nicotine does display certain addictive qualities. People who consume nicotine regularly for a prolonged period of time who discontinue their use of nicotine will suffer some withdrawal symptoms such as irritability and headaches. However, when it comes to the crash smokers experience while quitting smoking, a lot of those symptoms can be attributed to the withdrawal from the countless other chemicals found in cigarettes 

The dangers of nicotine: find your level

 Nicotine has a report on the street as being dangerous. It is believed to be a highly addictive chemical that causes cancer and leads to death.  

There is no question that smoking cigarettes are hazardous to health. However, it is not all nicotine’s fault. It has not been proven that nicotine, either through vaping or consuming by itself is harmful. Nicotine is a naturally occurring chemical compound. Compare this to the onslaught of lab-developed chemicals also found in cigarettes, it is hard to know exactly where to point the finger. The most probable culprit for causing cancer is actually the tar that ends up in a consumer’s lungs.  

Nicotine consumed through vaping is no more likely to cause cancer than any other method of nicotine delivery. Some people trying to quit smoking will turn to nicotine patches or gum. These methods simply excrete the chemical into the user’s body without the extra harmful materials in cigarettes. There has been no indication these weening methods also cause cancer.  

It is possible to overdose on nicotine. The amount of nicotine necessary to do this is extremely higher than what you would find in your average market e-liquid. Check out this Center for Disease Control and Prevention article for more information. It is quoted as saying “The CDC says 50 to 60 milligrams of nicotine is a deadly dose for an adult who weighs about 150 pounds. But some research suggests a lethal amount may be a lot higher.” 

Therefore, even if you are a regular vape consumer of a higher nicotine percentage like 18mg, the human body only absorbs a fraction of that percentage. In addition, nicotine doesn’t have a long half-life. This means that your body processes the chemical very quickly after consumption.  

 Nicotine Levels: 

One very obvious advantage that vapers have over smokers is the knowledge of exactly what is in their e-liquid. This includes how much nicotine the vape juice contains. The nicotine in cigarettes varies by the brand and there is no real regulation or notification of these ratios on the packaging.  

For cigarette smokers attempting to make the conversion to vaping, choosing the correct nicotine level for them can be particularly arduous.  

Thankfully, nicotine levels in the vape industry have been completely standardized. E-liquids on the vape market come in concentrations of 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 24mg. There are some high nic series on the market as well. These particular products tap out at 50mg.  

These nicotine percentages represent the ratio of nicotine to the other ingredients of an e-liquid in a single mL. Sometimes they are expressed as percentages instead of numbers. I.e. 1.2% instead of 12mg/mL. The vape industry makes the amount of nicotine in every product super transparent, so every consumer can have a fine-tuned gauge of how mucnicotine they are taking.  

Establishing your level: 

Nicotine levels will undoubtedly play a huge role in your vaping experience. Here are some things to consider while you make your choice. 

First, e-liquids with higher nicotine levels generally have a harsher mouth and throat hits. Some smokers who are used to the hotter and harsher smoke of cigarettes prefer this more aggressive vaping experience. While others still prefer a very soft cloud that would be more in line with a lower nicotine e-liquid. Get on my level! – A guide to choosing the ultimate nicotine level for you

Additionally, a vaper should consider how regularly they are vaping throughout the day. People who take long periods of time between each vaping session may prefer a higher nicotine percentage as it is more likely that the short-lived nicotine buzz will hold for them between vapes. On the other handpeople who intend on vaping all day would probably not need as high of a percentage as they will be maintaining their nicotine buzz more regularly.  

Making the conversion from smoking to vaping is not going to be one to one. Yes, someone who was a heavy smoker would probably prefer a high nicotine percentage in their e-liquid. But this is not a rule. We encourage you to try a range of nicotine levels to see what’s right for you.  

Nicotine: Sub-ohm 

The objective of Sub-ohm vapers is to produce the biggest fluffiest clouds for competition. These require a lower nicotine percentage. Sub-ohm devices produce a greater volume of vapor, resulting in more nicotine being ingested.  

As a result of this, sub-ohm users usually find their perfect nicotine level lower on the spectrum. This is despite whether they were heavy cigarette consumers previously. Get on my level! – A guide to choosing the ultimate nicotine level for you

6mg seems to be the sub-ohm standard. It is suggested that new sub-ohm users start at 3mg and work their way up, as is with normal pod systems. High nic e-liquids, your 24-50mg/mL are not suggested for sub-ohm vapers.  

Nicotine concentration alternatives:

It is impossible to know exactly what nicotine concertation in e-liquid equates to the plethora of types of cigarettes or the smoking habits of the individual. Everybody processes chemicals differently. Nicotine is no different. The amount of nicotine in the e-liquid is obviously a factor, but so is the frequency of vaping and the style of inhalation.  

Finding your perfect vaping experience will require some trial and error. However, there is a certain industry standard acceptable comparison. If you go into a vape shop and ask, you will probably hear something along the lines that follow.  

0mg/mL – Optimal for people who are just getting into vaping and don’t want to deal with nicotine at all. Or, these who have weened their way down from cigarettes to nothing, but still enjoy the sensation of vaping.  

3mg/mL– For light smokers, that is under 10 cigarettes a day, this is the best option. 3mg delivers a nicotine buzz but it is by no means a dropkick to your brain.  

6mg/mL– the go-to for most standard vapers. People who were regular smokers or those who preferred “light” cigarettes will probably find their sweet spot here. 

12mg/ml and above– people who were heavy smokers or preferred unfiltered cigarettes would probably need a more assertive nicotine presence that would be found in the range from 12mg/mL to 50mg/mL.  

Nicotine: High nic  

High nic is a more process form of nicotine that is available in much higher concentrations than your industry standard. Unlike normal e-liquid nicotine, which is the independent and naturally occurring nicotine chemical, high nic is a compound of nicotine and other organic components.  

Some people prefer these high nic formulas to regular e-liquid. The priority of high nic users would not be casting large clouds but in establishing a deep nicotine buzz. It just depends on where your priorities are. High nic nicotine levels range from 25mg/mL to 50mg/mL. 

Trying to quit nicotine:  

Some vapers are just trying to find their perfect cloud. But some are making moves towards being a person independent of nicotine. It is a very normal plan that a lot of vapers have easily stuck to. To reduce nicotine levels down to zero over time may seem like a daunting task, but with vaping, it’s not that hard. Vaping offers other incentives as nicotine levels are reduced. The vaping experience gets much softer, and the flavors become more intense if there is less nicotine in the bottle.  

The trick is to reduce the nicotine concentration gradually. Start at the nicotine level that gives you your most comfortable and functional buzz. Enjoy this nicotine level for two to three months and then take a step down to the next level. The process will take time.  

If you are starting your vaping journey in the high nic spectrum with the objective of dropping down to zero, know that you are in it for the long haul. But it is a worthy haul depending on your motives. Get on my level! – A guide to choosing the ultimate nicotine level for you.  

Nicotine: Get on my level 

Finding your perfect balance of flavor, feel, and nicotine might be a working process, but with these tips, you will find your niche in vaping and maybe even start a journey towards a healthier life. We encourage you to try different products, different devices, and different nicotine levels. Want to find some incredible vape juices in a variety of vaping nicotine levels? Check out our wide selection of the most popular and requested


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