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How to Cope with new Michigan Nicotine laws

nicotine tax

Last year Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer enacted an “emergency” rule. Temporarily, this rule bans flavored vaping products. Now, this year she tries to implement a permeant ban. 

Michigan’s nicotine flavor tax actions affect Michigan vapors in two ways. First, they ban flavored e-liquids. Then, an unrelated package of bills taxes any products left legal. Actually, this action was lobbied by a tobacco company.  

Gov. Whitmer  

Gov. Whitmer proposes a complete ban on flavored vaping products. As of now, these actions are being processed through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS). 

This ruling permanently bans flavored e-liquids that contain nicotine. These laws exclude tobacco flavored e-liquids as tobacco is a naturally occurring flavor. Whitmer believes that candy and baked good flavored e-liquids clearly mean to attract a young demographic to vaping.  

This legislation negatively impacts the vape industry. The MDHHS held an online public hearing on Oct. 20 

A Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids backs this proposal. Tobacco control groups, medical, academic, and public help groups work together in this effort.  

The Michigan Legislative Council will hear this issue over the next month. It may take up to a year to draft the final rule.  

New flavored Vape and Nicotine Tax Legislation in Michigan 

Michigan’s nicotine flavor tax package of bills the Michigan House of Representatives considers will add an 18 percent wholesale tax to e-liquids. Actually, it creates a licensing system for vaping retailers. Lastly, the package provides penalties for retailers who sell to minors.  

Additionally, these bills change the legal age to buy tobacco and vaping products in Michigan to 21. Finally, the bill restricts some advertising rules. 

The bills already passed the Michigan Senate. The House Ways and Means Committee is still in wait for a hearing.  

Are you a vaping enthusiast navigating these new bills and legislation?

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What are your thoughts on this new legislation? What other products are emerging on the market to help vapors deal with these changes? Let us know in the comments!

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