WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Need Fluffier Vapor Clouds? Here Are A Few Tips

If you have seen a seasoned vaper vaping, you must have wondered how in the hell is he able to produce such voluminous vapor clouds. Most newcomers are quick enough to pick up their vape kits and try producing vapor clouds but they fail. They fail because they do not think about massive vapor clouds that depend on a variety of things including mods and e juice selection. It also comes down to your skills, which only develop over time and there isn’t a quick way to learn these skills. The quality of your vapor clouds will depend upon the base types – VG and PG. If you’re serious about producing massive vapor clouds, it would be always better to stick with VG bases. But, this is not all when it comes to producing fluffier vapor clouds, so what are the others? Let’s take a look.

Base Type

As mentioned before the e juice vape type will determine the quality of your vapor quality. If your main focus is to produce massive vapor clouds, it is always better to stick with VG base type because it is specifically designed for producing voluminous vapor clouds. However, you should also be aware that VG bases sacrifice flavor concentration and nicotine concentration for thick vapor clouds. So, if you’re up for the gamble, you may go for VG base types.

Nicotine Concentration

The nature of nicotine prevents the vapor from being thicker. Nicotine is heavier and therefore weighs down the vapor quality. Therefore, it is best to go with e juices that have lower nicotine concentration.

Vape Coils

Most newcomers fail to understand the potency of vape coils. The selection of vape coils also determines the quality of the vapor cloud one can achieve. We would even say that vape coils play just as much an important role as the selection of vape juice itself. Vape coils are responsible for heating up the vape juice and the more a vape juice is heated up, the easier it is to convert into massive vapor clouds. So, it’s always better to invest in a quality vape coil if fluffier vapor clouds are what you desire. However, you should also be aware that power vape coils also demand high capacity batteries.

Quality Vape Kits

To put all things together and to help them work harmoniously, one needs to have a proper kit that allows the vape coil and e juice to work harmoniously. A vape kit that is capable of high wattage, can produce humongous vape clouds.

Ratio In Base Content

When looking for vape juices on the market, you’ll come across several brands that provide vape juices that come in a combination of VG and PG. So, if your goal is to produce thicker and voluminous vapor clouds, you might want to invest in a vape juice that has higher VG base content than PG.

Wrap Up

Now, these were five simple things one can consider if one is looking to produce massive vapor clouds. If you’re looking for a reputable vendor that offers premium quality vaping accessories and e juices like the grind e juice and the grind e-liquid, make sure to visit True Vape USA. Browse our selection of premium grades vape juices and vaping hardware. You can also get in touch with us by filling out the contact form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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