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Summer Vaping Tips Everybody Should Know

It’s no doubt that summer is a great time for amazing things and also for vaping enthusiasts. However, it can also bring about a few challenges to vapers who come from a winter break with the same vaping equipment to summers. This is why it is important to learn how seasons and weather affect one’s vaping experience. This little bit of knowledge is what will ensure that your vaping experience will be free of hassles and also enjoyable. Read on.

Avoid Keeping Your Vaping Products In Heat

Summers can get quite hotter and vaping products can easily get damaged from exposure to sunlight and heat. It is always best to keep your vaping products in a dry and cool place regardless of the temperature or weather. Avoid leaving your vape pen in your car and the temperature within the car can rise to extreme heights. Direct exposure to sunlight can cause the batteries to drain pretty quickly. The same also goes for e-liquids. E-liquids can lose their viscosity, texture, and flavor when exposed to direct heat and sunlight for an extended period of time.

Vape Coils Can Have Lower Lifespan

Vape coils are quite sensitive to heat and prolonged exposure to heat can cause them to wear down and perform as expected. Also, certain vape juices contain sweeteners like sugar and sucrose, which tend to eat through coils, which can in turn provide a burnt taste. This can be solved either by replacing the vape coil or cleaning the vape coil regularly. You can also switch e liquids to ones that contain less sugar and sweeteners.

Try Some E Liquids That Are Based On Summer Theme

I don’t about you guys but when summer is around, I tend to switch to e liquids that compliment the season. I tend to drift toward fruity flavors like country clouds strawberry cornbread pudding and country clouds chocolate pudding for a more refreshing vaping experience. During winters, I return back to darker fruit flavors and “cakey” flavors. You may also want to try some refreshing fruity flavors like tropical fruits and menthol.

Vape Tanks May Leak

Hotter weather can thin out vape juice, which can cause the vape juice to leak from the vape tank. Sometimes, you may notice that the hotter the tank gets, the seepage begins to occur. You can address this challenge by switching to VG bases, which are quite thicker than PG bases.

Wrap Up

Now that it has been said, let’s not forget that summer is a beautiful time to enjoy vaping. Although summer times can bring several challenges, they aren’t hard to address and with a little bit of help and experience, you can use summer to add variety to your vaping experience. If you’re looking for high-quality vape juices and vaping accessories, make sure to visit True Vape USA. You can also get in touch with us by filling out the contact form or calling us at 888-223-0777.

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